ایک اہم خوش خبری

Here is a great news for the readers of Hindi. This year, the "Monthly Sunni Duniya" is also published in Hindi from January 2018, Therefore, try making friends of your Hindi readers a member of the Monthly Sunni Duniya. So that the message of Deen and Sunniyat from the center can be conveyed to the home.
Currently the Hindi magazine is not being published due to some reasons.
The company misses it.

    ہندی پڑھنے والوں کے لئے ایک اہم خوش خبری یہ ہے کہ اس سال جنوری ۲۰۱۸ ؁ء سے ماہنامہ سنی دنیا ہندی میں بھی شائع ہو رہا ہے، اس لئے اپنے ہندی پڑھنے والے دوست و احباب کو سنی دنیا ہندی کا ممبر بننے کی ترغیب دیں تاکہ مرکز سے دین و سنیت کا پیغام گھر گھر پہنچایا جا سکے۔
    فی الحال کچھ وجوہات کی بناء پر ہندی کا رسالہ شائع نہیں ہو پا رہا ہے۔
    ادارہ کو اس کا ملال ہے۔

    ممبر شپ

    To become a member, you may send a money-order directly to the organization or by submitting an annual membership amount in our bank account. You may WhatsApp the details i.e. your full name, pin-code, mobile number and receipt of the transferred amount at +919870669448. Magazine will be posted to your address as soon as the details are received and verified.

      ممبر بننےکے لئے آپ براہ راست ادارے کو منی آڈر کرسکتے ہیں یا ہمارے اکاؤنٹ میں ممبر شپ کی سالانہ رقم جمع کر کے اپنا مکمل نام و پتہ، پن کوڈ، موبائل نمبر اور ٹرانسفر کی گئی رقم کی رسید 9870669448 پر واٹس اپ کردیں، ان شاءاللہ العزیز تفصیل ملتے ہی آپ کے پتے پر رسالہ جاری کردیا جائے گا۔

The "Monthly Sunni Duniya" Is Published Under The Following Columns

There are a few columns under which articles are published every month on regular basis and some columns are inconsistent, subjected to the availability of articles.

Poetry This column contains publications of new and unpublished poetry of the Family of Ala Hazrat and other poets.
Editorial This column contains write-ups from the editors in the context of the current situation.
The Holy Qur'an The Qur’anic verses, its true meaning and authentic commentaries are presented in this column.
Blessings of Hadith In this column, the sacred traditions of the beloved Prophet (Sallal Lahu Alayhi Wasallam) related to various topic are published.
Jurisprudence This column contains verdict and articles related to Islamic jurisprudence.
Current Affairs This column posts articles describing the current state of affairs in the country.
Global Affairs This column posts articles discussing current global circumstances and events.
Islamic This column contains comprehensive articles on various Islamic topics.
Pious Predecessors This column posts articles on the life and services of the pious predecessors and righteous religious personalities.
Factual Criticism This column contains refutations and factual criticism of deceptive and misleading personalities and writings.
Commemoration This column commemorates the righteous scholars and Gnostics who passed away recently.
Fresh Talent This column lists the writings of the alumni and students of Center of Islamic Studies Jamiatur Raza.
Books and Reviews This column posts comments and reviews on the books of the Scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah.
Readers Corner Readers' posts and remarks are posted in this column.
News and views This column reports on the educational, organizational and constructive activities of the Ahl-us-Sunnah.
Obliteration of the Falsehood This column posts articles in the refutation of heretical practices and statement of the deviant sects and its representatives.
Razawiyaat This column contains articles and research on the life and services of Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza(Alayhir Rahmah).
Research This column contains general Islamic research articles.
Classics This column reprints the ancient writings of the pious predecessors of Ahl-us-Sunnah.
Taaj al-Shari’ah This column contains articles on the life and services of Taaj al-Shari’ah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadiri (Alayhir Rahmah).
Progress & Development This column posts articles on the actions and measures to be taken for the progress of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah nationwide and internationally.
Women’s Special This column contains interesting articles about the pious women in Islam and their achievements.

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